I had the pleasure of hunting with Frank and Joe and had a great time.  Even though hunting conditions were very tough (unusually warm daytime temps) they managed to put me on the meat. I was lucky enough to connect on an extremely large bodied 11-point whitetail and black bear. The evenings were just as enjoyable as the hunt, sitting around the fire, unwinding, talking about the day. The meals and accommodations were great. I’ve hunted in Canada and eight different states and highly recommend booking a hunt with Alberta Wild.

Chris D

Windsor, New York

I started hunting with Frank Chipps and Andrew Hordyk in Alberta in 2008. The accommodations were comfortable and clean, the food good. The evenings around the campfire included some guitar playing and singing, an unexpected treat. On that first moose bow hunt Frank put me in front of several bulls and I eventually harvested my first moose while still hunting around some beaver ponds. We were able to stalk to within 30 yards, a double lung shot and the bull went down within sight. Frank and crew quickly went to work dressing the bull and within 2 hours we were loaded up and headed to the butcher.

I enjoyed the moose trip so much I returned to try my luck on elk. The accommodations had improved, the camp fires felt warmer, and the guitar music played as the northern lights danced above our heads. Frank was again able to call in multiple bulls within bow range until a five by five bull made the mistake and offered a clear 25-yard shot. That week we saw moose, bear, wolf, cougar, lynx, whitetail and mule deer, it literally was like a Mutual of Omaha adventure.

After two successful trips on my own, I invited my wife to come along. The crew and locals took to us like we were family, and the experience much the same, fun with friends, great accommodations and game everywhere.  My wife hit a branch and missed her chance at another nice five by five bull, but I was able to capture it on video, so the memories are ours forever. On this trip, we also were able to do some fishing and the walleye shore lunches between hunts, evening campfires, friendly crew and the northern lights has my wife hooked, we will be back.

Jim S

Champaign, Illinois